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Benzing product accessories for M3, M1 and G2 clocks, smart hub and clubsystem.
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G2 Service Clock Exchange Old for New  
Benzing : 668588

Brand new replacement G2 clock in exchange for an old G2


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Battery Docking Station for the G2 Clock  
Benzing : 657182

Battery lasts for 5 hours. Built-in USB to update clock and print


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G2 Clock Wallholder for Loft  
Benzing : 660176

Wallholder for hanging the G2 clock safely in the loft


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INN Continuous Timing System for M3, M1 or G2  
Benzing : 911882

Clocks the pigeons when G2, M1 or M3 is not in the loft


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GPS Receiver for the Benzing Clubsystem  
Benzing : 102327

GPS satellite receiver for accurate clubsystem time synchronisation


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Clubsystem Authorisation Keycards
Benzing : 552479

Keycards for the Benzing clubsystem, register, basket, evaluation


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