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Frequently Asked Questions : If you can not find the answer to your question here, or anywhere our website then please email, message or phone us : Contact Us

Question : Why on the Benzing PideXX program do I get the error message coming up, "Access Violation at Address,......." ?
Answer : This is because the Comm Port on the computer is not setup correctly. Go to the Device Manager and check the driver is installed for the Clubsystem. Or on the PideXX program, under "Options" tab select another comm port from the list.

Question : Can I use any type of manufacturers Clubsystem or club master to assign the ETS rings and to basket or evaluate my pigeons. ?
Answer : Yes, when assigning rings, do so on the Data Transfer page of PideXX while the clock is connected to the club system and on PC Comm. When basketing or evaluating pigeons, ensure you are using only the : Benzing Universal Cable.

Question : I have just recently updated my G2 clock with the firmware version GB 4.23, now it wont go into the club mode when it is connected to the Clubsystem. Comes up on the screen with "Antenna Error" and will not go to Basketing. Why is this. ?
Answer : If you have updated your G2 firmware or exchanged it for a new G2 clock then you will need to also update the firmware program on the Benzing Clubsystem. This short video will show you how to do this : Clubsystem Video.

Or you can send it to us to be updated for 25 plus return postage. Send without the cables and include your name and return address : Order a Firmware Update.

Question : From the express G2 clock how do I print my pigeon arrivals from training or from a race direct from my computer and also how do I update the firmware of my G2 Clock to the latest available version from Benzing. ?
Answer : Before you can print from your G2 clock or update your G2 clock firmware you need to have the : Print Update Cable, that will allow the connection of the G2 to the laptop or pc. You then download, install and run the Print Manager and the Update G2 program. These are available from the website.

Or you can send it to us to be updated for 25 plus return postage. Send without the cables and include your name and return address : Order a Firmware Update.

Question : Can I assign my pigeon electronic rings without having to do it through PideXX software on the computer and the need for a Clubsystem. ?
Answer : If you have a Benzing M1 or the new M3 clock then yes you can assign your own rings using the loft antenna pad. You can not do this with the G2 clock. With the M3 touch-screen it is very easy to do as it brings up the QWERTY keys.

Question : How can I change the sex of my pigeon from cock to hen or vice-versa on the express G2 clock without having to get the club secretary to do it using the PideXX program on the computer. ?
Answer : Simply connect the clock in at the loft. When it powers up, hold and press the Green and Red buttons together for 4 or 5 seconds or until the menus appear. The arrow buttons in the middle allow you to scroll through the menus. Select No.1 "Pigeons" then press the Green button once. Scroll up or down to the pigeon you need to change sex of. Press Green button with spanner key once. Then press the button below the sex symbol to change from C to H or H to C. Once you are finished, then keep pressing the Red button to exit the menu functions.

Question : Can I connect my clock to give me notifications of the pigeon arrivals to my mobile phone and how do I continue to time the pigeons at the loft when I need to take my clock to the club. ?
Answer : You need to have a Smart Hub fitted at the loft to allow you to link to your phone and have the continuous timing of pigeon arrivals. The product connects with all Benzing clocks. See the packages on offer : Smart Loft Deals

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