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The Benzing Express G2 / G2+ clock is ideal for the smaller loft or newcomer to the racing pigeon sport. This electronic clock is a modern state of the art, ergonomic design, simple to operate and is suitable for all generations. Excellent value and smart technology from Benzing.  
Manage up to 250 pigeons and eight races or training sessions at any one time, while benefiting from an impressive speed reading rate of 20 birds per second. Enclosed in a smartly styled housing that fits in your hand for easy operation. Connect up to 5 times 4 field, 2 field or 1 field antenna pads. An easy and cost saving upgrade from the former G2 system is provided. Lofts with the older single metal EFA antenna pads fitted can be still used together with the antenna controller unit.
Fanciers who upgrade to a G2+ and with the addition of a Smarthub 5 in the loft can enjoy the features of instant notifications to their mobile phone or ipad of the pigeon  arrivals from training or races, they can continue to time pigeon arrivals if the clock is removed to go to the club, from the built in 2nd clock integrated into the smarthub. Users can also see their seasons results and pigeon performances and other great features online at their "My Pigeons" account.

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